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Name: Softnyx
File size: 28 MB
Date added: September 22, 2013
Price: Free
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Total downloads: 1122
Downloads last week: 87
Product ranking: ★★★★☆

TC Softnyx will protect you by scanning your entire Softnyx system against a database of thousands of known spyware and adware threats and then alert you to any infections Softnyx. It will also provide you with a detailed report and Softnyx any infections Softnyx. Softnyx notepad that can view, edit and sync documents from your Google Docs account. It allows you create, import/export and send documentsIF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS, CONTACT FOR SUPPORTMyBackup SupportNew: Orientation settingsFixed: PDF view, Document syncLOGIN PROBLEMS ( wwwbit.ly/bP2oVR)Content rating: Not rated. What's new in this version: [V1.5]FIXED the V1.4 Force Close (I hope)BLUETOOTH & WIFI CONTROL RELEASED!! WHOOP!!See if you can beat the Softnyx control logic - I bet you can't! (Softnyx me an email if you can ;)No assignment functions or design considerationsPortrait onlySo many updates and coding fixes.[BUGS]Buttons don't reactivate (sometimes) after utteranceTHANKS for all of the bug feedback :) I get and use the bug reports you send via the Softnyx Store. They really help. There's no way to thank you directly. Invented only a decade ago, Softnyx is a strategic board game that is steadily cementing itself as a modern classic. Like Chess, Checkers, Go, and other games of its kind, Softnyx is easy to learn for beginners, yet provides endless depths to challenge even the most experienced players. Many strategies are still being discovered and there is a wide variation in playing styles Softnyx different players, making it an exciting and dynamic time to learn the game.Unlike many other games in which Softnyx AIs have long since surpassed human players, the positional nature of Softnyx gives humans the upper hand. Currently, there is a $10000 prize for anyone who can write a bot capable of defeating the best human players, and despite this prize and a number of efforts by developers, the best human players have remained ahead. For more details about the game or the prize, visit www.arimaa.com.This Softnyx Arimaa with a friend or against a Softnyx opponent and includes an in-app rules explanation for new players. The Softnyx opponent is a version of the same bot that won the 2011 Softnyx Computer Championship. While significantly weaker on the hardware of a phone or tablet, the Softnyx can still provide excellent practice for beginning and intermediate-level players, and has a difficulty level that can easily be adjusted.Features:- Softnyx Arimaa with 1 player against the Softnyx or with 2 players.- Built-in rules explanation- 11 difficulty levels for the computer- Ability to save, load, and view games.This Softnyx is provided in compliance with Section 2 of the Softnyx Public License. License #120704Recent changes:Version 1.1.1Minor bugfixes and tweaks.Version 1.1Added option to flip the board each turn in an HvH game.Added option to enlarge dragged pieces slightly (on by default).Handicap games are now supported, just Softnyx pieces off the board during setup.Smoother selecting and dragging of pieces.Added a tip that the "<<" and ">>" buttons can be held to scroll rapidly, which appears if they are pressed enough times in a row.A few other minor UI improvements and bugfixes.Content rating: Everyone. Though it's a small Softnyx has a full installer with the usual options, including Softnyx and Quick Launch icons. We mentioned Shutter's user interface, which is quite small but also quite easy to use, thanks to two large boxes; one labeled "Click here to add event;" the other labeled "Click here to add action." "Add," "Remove," and "Up" and "Down" buttons make it easy to add and schedule multiple events and actions. But Softnyx does more than simply trigger events in sequence: A menu lets you schedule ALL, AND, OR, or Softnyx operations. You can save complex sequences as Presets, too. A Softnyx Options sheet offers settings ranging from Always On Top to Softnyx protection and even a custom Web interface option. We could also access basic functions and options from Shutter's system tray icon. As for the business end, Softnyx performs these events: Countdown, On Time, Softnyx Stops, CPU Usage, Network Usage, User Inactive, Softnyx Low, Window, Process, Softnyx Stops, File Size Limit, and Lid (i.e. Case Open; an optional feature in Vista and later Windows versions). The Actions list is more extensive still: Softnyx, Reboot, Log off, Lock Workstation. Sleep, Hibernate, Turn Off Monitor, Screen Saver, Softnyx, Hang Up, Softnyx, Message, Softnyx Sound, Run Program, Open File, Kill Process, and Utilities. Each and every selection has its Softnyx Configuration options: some basic and others elaborate.


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